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The next generation of high-value botanical extracts is here.

Products with unique properties

Truly natural, with unique properties and distinctive benefits, our active ingredients define a new standard of performance for leading consumer brands and innovators, from nutrition, to health and wellness, cosmetics and beyond.

Our red sorghum extracts are produced naturally, and non-GMO. We work with local Kentucky farmers to grow and produce these super botanicals with unique properties and benefits.


Packed with botanical polyphenols and flavonoids, our extracts have some of the highest antioxidant capacities recorded for natural products.

Water soluble and highly stable against temperature, pH, light, our extracts work great in a wide range of demanding conditions and formulations.

Extensive medical and scientific research link the flavonoids and polyphenols found in our proprietary red sorghum extract to a range of health, beauty and wellness benefits.

Our Crop and Technology

Red sorghum is an ancient grain and super food. For millennia ancient peoples from west Africa to Egypt have cultivated this crop for its nutritional value and health benefits.

Crude sorghum extract is still used today as medicinal tea in tribal healing, as a natural dye, and food colorant.

Over more than a decade, RedLeaf has nurtured a proprietary variety of red sorghum that is rich in these unique compounds, creating extracts with some of the highest antioxidant capacities recorded for natural products.

Our Crops

Our values

At RedLeaf, we believe values are lived. We demonstrate our values everyday, in all that we do.


We believe our products set a fundamentally new standard among botanical extracts for purity, performance, benefits, and stability.


Derived from our proprietary RedNatural™ sorghum, our products are natural, non-GMO, and produced without harsh solvents or processes.


We are scientists first – fundamental understanding of our product and process allow us to continually innovate and deliver new value to customers.


Backed by science, our products support holistic health, wellness and beauty – both inside and out.

Commitment to local farmers

Our Kentucky spirit runs deep, working with local farmers to spur livelihoods, drive rural economic recovery, advance agtech within the state, and keep farmers on their farms.

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